An Academic Platform for Teaching a New Pedagogy in African Centered Architecture.

The Global Studio is focused on Developing New African Inspired Architectural Languages. It is problem solving based and provides an academic platform for Teaching the Preservation of African Culture, Heritage & Technology through Design.

Our Faculty are Leading Professors and Architects, Renowned for their Pedagogy in Teaching African Centered Architecture. Tenured at distinguished Universities worldwide, our faculty are multidisciplinary and represent a Diversity of World Cultures.

The CPDI Africa Global Studio offers Virtual Certificate Courses annually, in History, Critical Theory, Design Studio, CAD, Sustainable Design and Design-Build during our summer Study Abroad sessions in Africa and the Diaspora.


  • To provide an academic institution for teaching a new pedagogy in African centered architecture and foster the development of architectural languages that are culturally and environmentally sustainable.
  • To fast track the evolution and transformation of the Pan African built environment through education, training architects to become expert scientist, designers, activists and true problem solvers in their local and global communities.


  • Students seeking knowledge not offered in school for their projects
  • Professors seeking this knowledge for teaching purposes
  • Professionals seeking this knowledge for project concepts
  • Developers seeking this knowledge for urban and rural projects
  • Individuals seeking this knowledge for personal residences and projects

GLOBAL STUDIO Category of Courses

    Our Survey Courses are self guided downloadable videos, designed to introduce scholars to history and design philosophies in African architecture.
    Our History and Theory courses meet virtually and introduce scholars to the evolution and transformation of African architectural languages in the built environment, from antiquity to rural and urban landscapes in Africa and the Diaspora.
    Our Studio courses engage scholars in developing African inspired conceptual prototypes that respond to culture, aesthetics and technology rooted in African worldviews for sustainable living. Scholars meet virtually and produce architecture in response to our African centered Design Briefs.

HT1204 - The Evolution of Yoruba Architecture and Contemporary Environment

SESSION TWO: This course introduces students to Yoruba traditional architecture, art and culture by outlining theories, philosophy and aesthetics that serves as guiding principles. The course gives an overview of a traditional style dictated by culture, environmental conditions and available material. The course outlines important architectural elements and languages associated with Yoruba traditional architecture and how these elements can be utilised in solving contemporary environmental issues. Students will be introduced to the Yoruba culture that dictates their worldview and their construction methods.
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HT1210 - Anti-Developed Clinic: The Becoming of a Design Culture Course

SESSION TWO - The Becoming of a Design Culture is an experimental studio on how society treats the term “culture.” Colonial traumas have understandably stunted an entire continent to heal, and this is displayed through the heedless hodgepodge of development misinterpreted as societal progress. The clinic will be retraining the brain on how to feel and will deconstruct all notions of what an African aesthetic should look like. It will radically heal and root designers with ancestral traditions to create informed and soulful spaces.
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HT1201 - Theoretical Frameworks in Afrocentric Architecture

SESSION TWO: Introduction to the African contribution to global architecture, from antiquity till the present. Covers theoretical frameworks used by architects in their built works, throughout Africa and the Diaspora. The course will be framed by research and theoretical frameworks published by Professor Hughes: Afrocentric Architecture: a design primer.
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HT1206 – Green Architecture from African Centered Perspectives

SESSION TWO - The course explores the design considerations required for green design with an overview of the various green design certifications worldwide within the context of building materials, building techniques, climate, and cultural aesthetics (African centered). We will review climate change and how design can be adapted to be resilient despite growing global concerns using a sustainable methodology.
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HT1208 - The Architecture of Ghana, from Ancestry to Independence and Beyond

SESSION TWO: This course introduces students to the varying building types and architectural styles native to Ghana, West Africa. The course surveys vernacular, colonial and contemporary buildings that have shaped the built environment of this rapidly urbanizing and historically rich African nation. Students will explore the complex socio-economic systems and modern-day challenges that face the burgeoning capital city of Accra. They will also research and propose design solutions that are reflective of culturally and environmentally sustainable design practices for the region.
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HT1202 - The Evolution and Transformation of African Centered Architecture

SESSION TWO - This course introduces students to the concepts for developing new African architectural languages, inspired by the culture and technology of traditional and contemporary African societies. The course surveys both the African and Diaspora built environment, teaching design practices that are culturally and environmentally sustainable. Students will be introduced to the research initiatives of CPDI Africa.
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HT1209 - Transitions in the Traditional Art & Architecture of the Igbo and Bamileke

SESSION TWO - This course takes students through an exposition of the typologies of traditional art and architecture of the Igbos of Nigeria and Bamileke Grasslands of Western Cameroon. Examples are provided to reinforce planning forms, the intersection of the forms of art and architecture, some similarities between the two regions and examples of attempts at expressing the forms in contemporary African buildings architecture. Students will be introduced to ongoing research initiatives and future research opportunities at CPDI Africa.
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HT1211 – Sustainability in African Traditional Architecture.

SESSION TWO - This course presents the African traditional Architecture from the primary societies to the present. Students examine buildings and the built environment as the product of tradition and regarding the unique problems of designing with available building materials in Africa. The course develops essential tools for the evaluation and appreciation of African traditional architecture, for the role it has played in conserving our environment. The course sustainable African Traditional Architecture. It considers awareness, technology and policy that unravel the potential of African traditional Architecture.
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